The Project

This project, which was carried out from 2010-2016, aimed to collect and analyse all available information on the lives and work of Tibet’s historical translators of Buddhism, with a special emphasis on collecting biographies of translators. The project was led by  Dr. Roberta Raine, who holds a Ph.D. in Translation Studies, with Mr. Thinlay Gyatso as her research assistant in Dharamsala, India. Dr. Georgios Halkias, who has expertise in Tibetan and Buddhist studies, was a consultant on the project. The project was funded by research grants from Lingnan University, Hong Kong, where Dr. Raine worked while carrying out the research.

The research findings include information on translation in the early and later periods of Tibetan history, quantitative data on the number and names of translators in Tibetan history, details on the strategies these translators used,  biographies of the translators, and other relevant materials. The project’s methodology was informed by the field of Translation Studies, particularly translation history, thus takes a slightly different approach than research by Tibetan or Buddhist scholars.

Dr. Raine has published numerous scholarly papers on this topic, which are available under her bio on this site. New materials on the lotsawas (Tibet’s historical translators) have also been made available here under “Research Materials.”

The research phase of the project is now finished and Dr. Raine is considering what to do with the materials she has collected. One possibility is to upload all of the materials here on this website for free use by researchers and scholars. Another is to collaborate with Tibetan or Buddhist studies scholars who are interested in this topic. Any suggestions or requests for information are welcome by using the contact form on this website.